Artificial Intelligence: Key Performance Influencers

A.I. enhanced data discovery determines the key influences and extent for any metric’s performance among any peer group. Innovative and predictive advanced analytics offer insights that cross traditional domains of performance: finance/quality/safety/satisfaction/price/cost. It couldn’t be done without a fully integrated library of performance metrics and advanced models. In an instant, the A.I. produces insights that would take an expert programmer days to perform. No special training is needed to point and click your way through this labyrinth of insight. 

Service Line Analysis with Pricing

Financial, operational and clinical performance — service line details by MS-DRG and CPT allow — custom scorecards and benchmarks for any peer group.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A continues to drive disruption in many markets around the country. Identify those competitors with excess capacity, assets or competitive share. Consolidate under one system for improved efficiency, payer influence and opportunities for new population health and care delivery models. 

Affiliations & Network Development

Care redesign and population health are reshaping the footprints of health systems. Inpatient, Outpatient and ASCs settings are now comingled with Urgent Care and Convenient Care making for new relationships in every market. Compete with new players as networks develop. 

Strategic Market Analysis

Perform a deep-dive on all providers and affiliated physicians, network providers and referring groups. Evaluate quality, safety, cost, market share, travel distance, county, city and zip origin and leakage & migration.

Peer Benchmark Analytics and Trends

Scorecard, rank, rate, compare, benchmark against custom peer groups and individual provider profiles deep in performance history and relevance. Labor, costs, mark-ups, wages, benefits, revenues and allowances. Know everyone’s numbers and their KPIs too.

Physician Network

Physician and Group practice panels are increasingly transparent. Makeup of chronic patients, practice risk scores, demographics, eligibility(s), preventive measures, MIPS, CG-CAHPS experience, and relevant hospital affiliations, education and specialties offer insight into your physician relationship management.

Budgeting & Staffing

Evaluate historical expenses, operating metrics, wages and benefits at the departmental level to help build up budgets and projections for all department heads. Cross-reference changing market and competitive utilization by service lines and MSDRGs. 

Human Capital Development

Accelerate manager advancement, building quantitative intuition with fast, relevant and contextual business intelligence about the core performance metrics of any hospital compared to local peers. 

Own your performance. Own your message. Own your ratings.

Join the evolution of transparent performance.