Meet The Team

Thomas R. Day

Managing Director

Day is a technologist and analytic innovator, having successfully built applications that drive executives to better answers. Early in Tom’s career, he had the opportunity to build what were groundbreaking estimating and schedule analytics to drive growth at a large construction firm.  Joining Bain out of business school, he was an early partner and key player in their Healthcare practice as the company grew from 60 to over 1,200 consultants.  Again, innovative analytics in strategy, operations, workflow, supply chain, and system costs were key drivers of their success.  Following his role as CFO of The Advisory Board Company, his collective experience guided his thinking about replicable and scalable project analytics at his own startup, The Healthcare Management Council. These applications are in use by some of the largest and most prestigious health systems in the US and have helped remove billions of dollars of excess costs.  Their underpinnings were born of analytic rigor in defining the few things that made the most difference in a relevant time frame—and presenting a path to achieve results.  The scope and scale included operations and cost structure, organizational complexity, clinical models, the difficult to measure and phenomenally high cost of off-quality, and implementation practices.

John R. Morrow

Managing Director

Morrow is a pioneer in the healthcare business intelligence sector, helping to create leading business analytical, benchmarking, and rating systems in the United States and Britain. Morrow established the first commercial US hospital ratings program and subsequently a variety of performance indexes measuring: clinical, financial, operational, patient experience, perception, value, quality, and patient safety. Morrow was a director of the data board of The King’s Fund while chief executive officer of the largest outcomes consultancy in the UK. He has provided Congress, health care organizations and the news media with insights impacting the hospital industry. Earlier in his career, he created: 100 Top Hospitals: Benchmarks for Success that hospitals have successfully embraced for improving outcomes. Morrow has remained on the vanguard of applied analytics while integrating metrics of institutional performance adjusting for risk, clinical severity and value. He has spearheaded research that identifies cohorts of US hospitals that excel under otherwise oppressive regulation. Ultimately, his work with consumer health engagement and public ratings has helped to set new standards for transparency.

Liana Castel


Liana Castel is an outcomes researcher who has studied longitudinal psychological and clinical health outcomes, veterans’ and military health, scale development in pain and social functioning, biostatistics, health outcomes, morbidity and mortality, health economics, patient safety, and decision making. Dr. Castel has specialized in longitudinal multivariable modeling, confounding and interaction, logistic regression, meta-analysis, risk-adjustment, large administrative/claims data, time-to-event modeling, Poisson regression, and psychometric scale validation techniques.

Susan DesHarnais


Dr. DesHarnais is an internationally recognized leader and professor whose graduate level courses on health care quality, patient safety and population health are predominantly enrolled with physicians and medical students. During her career she has advanced the science of comparative outcomes analysis by developing severity and risk-adjustment models for the purpose of large scale patient discharge research. Her work on health literacy, population disparities, chronic illness and palliative care is consistent with work to solve the larger policy issues facing rising health costs in America.