Franklin:BI Tools
Simplified models provide access for visualizing metrics and gaining insight.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to identify the metrics of greatest influence among a peer group. Answers the question: What metrics are most influential in improving performance and by how much?

Mapping Visualizations

Visualize performance geospatially for any metric in any market. Systems and affiliations layer by geography and performance.

National Standards

Analysis of performance quartiles for every data metric in the dictionary for 90+ provider cohorts for the most important demographic attributes.

Custom Rankings

Build an in-depth view of any metric, or calculate performance rankings using custom cohorts that you design. Select demographic attributes, location, system affiliation, or radius for any provider.

Scorecards and Side-by-Sides

Profile a provider’s entire performance scorecard, compare to a custom cohort, another benchmark hospital, or a competitor or peer in a side-by-side comparison.

Pricing Transparency

Inpatient and Outpatient price transparency reveals local and peer pricing for MS-DRGs and HCPCS, with trends and quarter over quarter changes. Answers the question: What are the market basket charge rates and how are they changing?

Our Mission

Provide answers at the speed of thought about the comparative performance of the U.S. Hospital Industry.

Our Process

  • We extract, transform, and enable the big data of hospital performance making it actionable. We provide context through custom, local, national, and peer benchmarks.
  • We enhance the content with proprietary methodology, such as risk adjustment, wage/labor adjustment, case mix analysis, and statistical significance testing, allowing for peer to peer informatics.
  • We are differentiated on the speed and timeliness of our sourced content and we are disruptive in that we organize metrics to obtain answers.
  • We extract Quality and Safety metrics from dozens of sources.
  • We use advanced data mining techniques, providing the broadest array of hospital performance insights.
  • We deploy descriptive statistics and visualization using charts, maps, and dashboards.
  • We enable users to build their own custom ratings and rankings for any performance metric.

And we do it all at the speed of thought…allowing innovation in data discovery and performance transparency for: strategic planning, feasibility studies, market surveillance, portfolio monitoring, productivity analysis, marketing, and key performance indicator monitoring.

From Franklin:BI you get…

  • 600 Operating and Financial measures for every U.S. hospital: Income Statement, Margins and Ratios, Capital Structure, Spending Efficiency, Department Costs and Productivity, Pricing Strategies, Fund Balances and Liquidity, Capacity and Utilization, Wage Rates, Occupancy and other volumes…
  • 150 Quality and Safety measures for every available indicator for all submitting providers including: Outcomes for Healthcare Acquired Conditions, Mortality, Patient Outcomes, Patient Experience, Efficiency, SCIP Program scores for Cardiology, Infections, VTE’s…
  • Hospital inpatient and outpatient pricing transparency models including MS-DRG and CPT-specific charge monitoring.
  • Physician Prescription Profiles for Medicare Part D prescribing history for approximately one million prescribers identified by name and NPI.
  • Over one million licensed practitioners, including their demographics, panel profiles, utilization and drug prescribing profiles.
  • All NPI’s are geocoded and attached to their affiliated hospitals as reported.
  • All Drugs (by generic and brand names) are delineated by specialty, city, state, spending, and prescription volumes.
  • Our plans for development in this “vector” include providing context around patient diagnosis, market utilization, provider panels, and benchmarks for appropriateness and utilization by specialty.

Own your performance. Own your message. Own your ratings.

Join the evolution of transparent performance.