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We started with a new foundation of financial, operational and clinical performance, and maxed it out with 750 ratios & measures. The data model untangles the silos of health information and the BI platform is the latest in big data analytics. Custom metrics, peers and national standards bring providers’ experience to life. The result is an analyst’s dream.

Answers at the speed of thought!

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to identify the metrics of greatest influence among any group of hospitals. Answers the question: What metrics are most influential in improving performance and by how much?

Mapping Visualizations

Visualize performance geospatially for any metric in any market. Systems and affiliations layer by geography and performance.

Scorecards and Side-by-Sides

Profile a provider’s entire performance scorecard, compare to a custom cohort, another benchmark hospital, or a competitor or peer in a side-by-side comparison.

Predictive Diagnostic Panel

Identify metrics scoring off target by value or trend as compared to any custom group of hospitals in either favorable or unfavorable terms. Rates and measures scoring well but trending down or performing poorly and improving are quick to identify for rapid focus.

Drillthrough Trends

Drillthrough on any performance metric revealing trends compared to groups you design with a full detailed comparison.

Clinical Service Line Analysis

Understand Service line mix, pricing, and LOS differences versus comparison groups of your choice.

Physicians & Group Practices

Profile practitioners and their group practices with Practice and Panel demographics, including Risk Scores, MIPS scores, Utilization, Hospital/System Affiliations, Payments and Prescription details.

Market Share Analysis and Trends

See clearly where patients originate, receive care, and trends to build an analysis of market strengths and weaknesses.  Crosses state lines to give a fully integrated picture of the competitive dynamics of any market.

Pricing Transparency

Inpatient and Outpatient price transparency reveals local and comparative pricing for MS-DRGs and HCPCS, with trends and quarter over quarter changes. Answers the question: What are the market basket charge rates and how are they changing?

Regression Testing

Correlations between metrics provides powerful insight when comparing Quality, Safety and Outcomes scores across Financial or Operational rates.

National Standards

Analysis of performance quartiles for every data metric in the dictionary for 90+ provider cohorts for the most important demographic attributes.

Custom Rankings & Ratings

Build an in-depth view of any metric or ratios you define.  Calculate performance rankings using custom cohorts selecting demographic attributes, location, system affiliation, and even operating and safety performance or radius from any provider.

Own your performance. Own your message. Own your ratings.

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