Our Story

We have worked with hundreds of hospitals and health systems. The common frustration among today’s decision makers is siloed data and disparate systems coupled with the need for immediate answers.

So, we built Franklin:BI, the product we always wished we had in our time as health care strategy consultants, building our own portfolio of health care assets, working with physician groups, as M&A strategists, or company operators.  It is:

  • fast,
  • covers the entire US,
  • crosses every state boundary with ease,
  • is always fresh,
  • has remarkable breadth, and
  • is easy to understand

In essence, Franklin:BI makes seeing, finding, and learning about what’s going on easier and just better than using any other product out there.

It is the right time for a new approach to data, providing competitive and comparative context about local market provider organizations across an array of Strategic, Operating and Market performance metrics. We are committed to democratizing health care information by providing answers at the speed of thought.

That’s who we are and what we’re doing.