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Welcome to Franklin:BI™, Analytics for Provider Performance.

Experience a BI solution with visualizations powered by competitive context, predictive diagnostics, and AI for better, faster, smarter answers.

  • Relative performance of every US provider in a hyper-revealing visualization platform
  • Virtually all financial, operations, quality, and safety metrics available; always current
  • Readily used by decision makers at every level
  • Amplified by Artificial Intelligence
  • Extensible by connecting to any Excel analyst, simplifying staff demands
  • Reduces data acquisition and use costs; maximizing ROI

Answers at the speed of thought!

Comprehensive: Data for Decision Makers

  • Health Systems to Physician Specialists
  • Service-lines to Procedures, Chronic Patients & Drugs
  • Profits to Outcomes: Costs, Prices, Quality & Safety
  • Peer Benchmarked, Scored, Ranked & Trended
  • Thousands of Hospital; Metrics, Rates, Ratios & Scores
  • Revenue Optimization, Cost Management, Variation Reduction

Power, Speed & Agility: BI that Drives Answers

  • Targeted insights to grow revenue and reduce costs
  • Context for comparison, competition & opportunity
  • Lightning Fast Curated for Immediate Answers
  • National, Custom Peer & Local Market
  • Benchmarking, Discovery & Business Intelligence
  • Strategy, Tactics & Business Development

Turn-key: Populated on the Best Rated Platform

  • Microsoft Business Partner
  • Open Systems & Data with Power BI
  • MSFT Azure Cloud & Trust Center
  • Enhanced AI & Machine Learning Tools
  • Largest BI Install Base on Earth
  • Optimizing Installed Technology

Benchmark & Scorecard with Trends 

Build custom groups to: Scorecard, Rank, Rate, Compare, Benchmark, See Gaps, Set Goals and Trend.

Metrics include Pricing, Revenue, Income, Costs, Overhead, Productivity, Bed “turns”, Markups, Bad Debt, Liquidity, Complications, Infections, Mortality, Readmissions, HVBP, Capacity, Utilization….1,000 rates & complete trends…. Know everyone’s numbers to take control of yours.

Clinical Service Line Analysis: Mix, Pricing, Length of Stay

Evaluate Comparative Financial, Operational and Clinical Performance on the fly versus any group or groups of your choice .  Includes service line details by MS-DRG and CPT.

Physicians, Drugs, Affiliations, Practice Utilization

Answers about practices including: Prescription and Drug utilization, chronic patients, practice risk scores, patient demographics, eligibility(s), preventive measures, MIPS, CG-CAHPS experience, and hospital affiliations. Tenure, medical education & specialty and hospital & group practice affiliation for individuals; all provide insights for managing growing networks.

Market Insights: Provider Share, Service Area & Population 

  • Market Share Competitors, Service Area Size & Trends
  • Patient Origin, Destination & Migration
  • Population & Census Demographics
Reveal influencing demographics by granular zip code detail: Population, Income, Home Values, Payer-mix, Unemployment, Tech Adoption, Age, Race and more…answering:
– Cases, patient days, revenue & trends for any hospital
– Drill into Share, Volumes and 5-year trend detail by counties, city and zip
– Competitors, in and out of market; gaining or losing share, and
– Migration for care…where to where, who, how many & how much?

Goals and Targets for Strategic Plans

Evaluate historical expenses, operating metrics, overhead, wages and benefits at the departmental level to help set targets from places that reflect “what you want to be”. Cross-reference market share performance and competitive utilization by service lines and MSDRGs. Finally layer on appropriate targets for Quality and Safety plus Physician network growth.

Artificial Intelligence: Key Performance Influencers

A.I. enhanced data discovery determines the key influences and extent for any metric’s performance among any peer group. Innovative and predictive advanced analytics offer insights that cross traditional domains of performance: finance/quality/safety/satisfaction/price/cost. It couldn’t be done without a fully integrated library of performance metrics and advanced models. In an instant, the A.I. produces insights that would take an expert programmer days to perform. No special training is needed to point and click your way through this labyrinth of insight. 

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Important Metrics: Surprising Insights

Franklin:BI – Model of Excellence

“There’s a wonderful model here that shows clearly that even data broadly available and in the public domain can be the basis for creating a high-value data product if the product is well architected, datasets are tightly integrated and the user experience gets primary attention.

– Russel Perkins, Managing Director, InfoCommerce Group

“How do you get so many answers about our diverse questions so quickly?”

Private Equity Investor

“Easy, fast and comprehensive”

Health System Chief Strategy Officer, Former Hospital CEO

“It’s Benchmarking in a world of rapid change”

Healthcare Consulting Partner

“Compare me to who I want to be and find the issues”

Hospital System CFO

“My life gets easier since every analyst always has access to the most current data available”

System SVP of Decision Support

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Health System CIO

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