The Full Spectrum Compass of Health Care


Outpatient Evolution

Outpatient Surgery Disruption

ASC and hospital surgical trends by service-line, volume and location for all-payers provides keen insights on demand, utilization and service mix for OP surgical cases. Stay ahead of migration away from HOPD services.

Competitive Analysis

Perform a deep-dive on all providers and affiliated physicians, network providers and referring groups. Evaluate quality, safety, cost, market share, travel distance, county, city and zip origin and leakage & migration.

Competitive Analysis
Merger Acquisitions

Merger & Acquisitions

Affiliations to sales are reshaping community care. Evaluate pitches, valuations, past performance and fiscal compatibility with trended financials and integrated operations experience. Shopping or selling, use the same tool used by the M&A experts for business intelligence.


Cost, Quality, Safety & Outcomes

Benchmark Analytics

Scorecard, rank, rate, compare, benchmark with custom peer groups and individual provider profiles deep in performance history and relevance. Labor, costs, mark-ups, wages, benefits, revenues and allowances. Know everyone’s numbers too.

Benchmark Analytics
Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

CMS posts a flurry of measures to Hospital Compare, yet they are all national in context. Selecting those measures and creating a local custom peer group provides more context in local markets where choice/access is often geographically limited.

Budgeting & Staffing

Evaluate historical expenses, operating metrics, wages and benefits at the departmental level to help build up budgets and projections for all department heads.

Budget Staffing

Human Capital Growth 

Accelerate manager advancement, building quantitative intuition with fast, relevant and contextual business intelligence.


Patient Migration & Leakage 

Snowbirds and leaf peepers find care away from local markets. See to who and from where, and track where your market leaks for care in the winter months. Essential for at-risk populations and cross state boarder share analysis.

Patient Migration

Price & Value

Scorecard your transparent pricing alongside quality, safety and satisfaction in a balanced view of Value Performance. Manage the dialog wth community relations, media and consumers. Keep all competitors in sight on value with quarterly updated metrics.

Payer Contracting

Rate and rank your own performance among local custom peers and against local and custom benchmarks to differentiate your payer market position. Proactively tell your story before they tell you one.

Payer Contracting

Physician Network

Physician and Group practice panels are increasingly transparent. Makeup of chronic patients, practice risk scores, demographics, eligibility(s), preventive measures, CG-CAHPS experience, and relevant hospital affiliations, education and specialties offer insight into your physician relationship management.

Network Development

Know your network, from affiliate performance on quality to trending new ASCs, urgent care and convenient care providers. Physician practice stats provides visibility into their physicians’ chronic conditions, demographics, dual eligibility, volumes, etc. The network is what’s new and intel is knowledge in forming a desired network construct.

Network Development