NY Big Apples: Shifts in Quality

In December, we compared and ranked Big NYC Hospital quality and safety performance to each other.  We called that Big Apples to Big Apples …in the Big Apple.

Recently CMS updated the data for a large number of Safety and Quality programs including HAC’s; HVBP Outcomes, Safety, Efficiency, and Total Performance; Readmissions; CMS stars; Timely and Efficient Care, and HCAHPS patient survey results.

So that begs the question, did the new data shake things up?  Well, yes it did.  Here’s the new “leader board.”  What you see is that the new Quality leader is Lenox Hill with the prior leader, Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt falling back.

So how much did each facility move?

Several of the top performers fell off significantly as you can see below.  In addition to the large fall-off by Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt, we see that Mount Sinai, NY Presbyterian/Brooklyn, and Stony Brook all compared less well with the new data.

The chart below plots what happened.  It’s not an easy chart, but it does tell the tale.  The grey circles represent 2019 data, blue circles indicate improving 2020 data, and red circles indicate falling 2020 data.

The blue circles are those that improved significantly.  Lenox Hill is now the highest rated safety/quality of the group with NY Presbyterian/Queens catching up.  Mount Sinai-Beth Israel, North Shore, and BronxCare also improved…albeit from positions of relative weakness.

So, what categories caused the improvements or declines?

The chart below shows the CHANGE in comparative ratings for each of the four major quality/safety categories.  A .5 means the ranking in a category improved by .5 rating points (it’s a 1-5 scale)

Lenox Hill improved in three of the 4 categories while NY Presbyterian Queens improved in all 4.  And notice the improvement in Long Island Jewish’s Mortality performance.

Similarly, Mount Sinai St Luke’s-Roosevelt moved down in every category—hence their big overall drop.  And NY Presbyterian/Brooklyn had a big issue with Mortality which drove down their overall rating significantly.  Turns out their CABG Mortality fell from 3 stars to 1 as they regressed, and comparisons improved.

Now that you’ve seen the performance changes, here’s the detail by category.  Jamaica and Brookdale sure have weak Mortality scores.

So, the message here is that it’s important to know how you stack up versus the group that is most relevant and important to you.  AND competition is fluid and requires vigilance to get ahead.

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