NJ Titans versus NY Big Apples

Last time we showed you how 22 Big hospitals in the NY metro area…the NY, NY Big Apples compare one to the other…. Big Apples to Big Apples in the Big Apple New York, New York.

This week we’ve enhanced the Apple cart by adding the Big NJ hospitals that are within easy reach of the NY market—call them the NJ Titans. Are you better off getting out of NY and going to a facility in NJ?

As always, the idea is to show what you can learn in 30 minutes with Franklin:BI; things that frankly every manager, analyst, trustee or adviser should be able to do for any criteria in any market, anywhere, any time.

Here’s the answer first. Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt remains the top-quality performer. The top-quality NJ hospital (yellow below), St Barnabas, is tied for 4th place of the 27 with Hackensack falling back to a tie for 6th. Notice that ALL the NJ hospitals do not compare well on Efficiency. NY looks pretty darn good!!

Like last time, to get this chart we’ve ranked every Clinical Quality measure (Mortality, Complications, HAC’s and Readmits) and every CMS “efficiency measure” (Medicare spend per Beneficiary, AMI cost, etc.). The Franklin:BI ranking assigns a 1-5 star rating (worst quintile to best quintile) compared to these hospitals only…and then summarizes overall.

BUT, averages don’t always tell the tale. Would you prefer a good Mortality Rate to a good Readmit Rate as a patient, for example?  I know my preference…but it’s really your choice.

This chart shows that the top Mortality performers are New York Presbyterian, Maimonides, and Stony Brook all from NY. The top Mortality performer in NJ is Hackensack. While the top HAC performer is Bergen from NJ, Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt and New York Presby/Brooklyn are close behind.

We noted last time that Jamaica and Bellevue in NY… have terrible Mortality scores versus this group—but note how Bergen Regional—who scores well overall and particularly in HACs does poorly in Mortality.

So, with the Franklin:BI Platform, it’s possible to take control of your data and it’s messaging. Compare yourself to the right hospitals and show your strengths. If you don’t like our take or want to see a different comparison, get in touch with us.

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