FTEs per Adjusted Discharge

Why it Matters, What’s the Right Range & Insights

FTEs per Adjusted Discharge is a classic measure of overall labor productivity.

  • Labor is considered within management’s control, so it’s a useful window into labor cost management
  • Importantly, as a general observation…facilities with high FTE’s/AD levels (90%) generate about 50% less EBITDA margin at all hospital types
  • Naturally there’s more to consider; skill mix, tenure, wage packages, benefits; as a key driver of labor performance—this is a big one!

Looking at this metric at a national level, facility by facility…for this or any of 850+ operating and safety metrics in Franklin:BI is easy.

What we see is that remarkably:

  • Investor-owned facilities are ~30% more productive than government facilities and ~15% better than Not-for-Profit’s
  • And they are better at every size class…small CAH’s to 400+ beds
  • The best 10% across all ownership classes are very similar
  • All ownership & size are trending down with not-for-profits improving faster than government or investor-owned facilities

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